Granulated fertilizer NPK 15 – 15 – 15 + S

Granulated fertilizer NPK 15 – 15 – 15 + S

Granular fertilizer NPK 15 – 15 – 15 + S is a fertilizer containing nitrogen in the form of nitrate, which is much more quickly absorbed by plants than in the form of ammonium. This is a typical top dressing form. The phosphorus contained in the fertilizer has the form of ammonium phosphate, which is one of the fastest acting forms of phosphorus. Potassium contained in the form of potassium oxide is necessary for proper growth and development and for the production of a healthy and strong root system. The fertilizer also contains sulfur in sulfate form and magnesium oxide. All ingredients are therefore in forms that are very easily absorbed by plants, which means that the fertilizer is suitable as a starter. The fertilizer is also great for interventional replenishment of phosphorus deficiencies in the soil.

The fertilizer is intended for soil fertilization of maize, rapeseed and cereals. It is especially recommended for fertilizing plants on soils poor in phosphorus and sulfur. Due to the fact that all ingredients are fast-acting and well absorbed, the fertilizer is also recommended for interventional fertilization. The fertilizer can be used both pre-sowing and head-on. It is recommended to mix the fertilizer with the soil.

Country of origin: Belgium


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