NPS Fertilizer 13-20(30)

NPS Fertilizer 13-20(30)

Fertilizer NPS 13-20(30) is a proven vegetation starting composition for such crops as corn, rapeseed, cereals, potatoes and beets, and is also a supplement for winter crops. Through the balanced content of nutrients, it supports the achievement of healthy yields.

Product description

NPS is an innovative, effective and proven product composed of three components important for the growth and proper development of plants, namely nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. Thanks to the proper balance and selection of nutrients, the fertilizer provides plants with a good start and ensures an abundant yield. It is especially suitable for pre-sowing fertilization of all crops, i.e. corn, rape seed, cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, but it will also work well in vegetable crops and grasslands.


NPS fertilizer is a novel product containing nitrogen (N) in ammonium form, phosphorus (P2O5) in phosphate form and sulfur (SO3) in sulfate form. Such a combination of ingredients increases the efficiency of their uptake and reduces the impact of adverse weather conditions on the growth and development of plants, especially in the initial period of their vegetation. In addition, the NPS fertilizer contains trace boron (B) and zinc (Zn), which support the development of roots and are responsible for better flowering and binding of fruits, thus for a better yield. The use of nitrogen in ammonium form perfectly supports phosphorus uptake, which is crucial for pre-sowing fertilization. Phosphorus, in contrast, is a nutrient that directly affects the development of the root system, while the sulfur contained in the product positively affects the process of photosynthesis and synthesis of proteins and fats. Thanks to such combined ingredients, the plant will effectively absorb balanced nutrients and water,  so it will produce the right yield and be less exposed to injuries. NPS 13-20(30) fertilizer is a product that dissolves very well in water, thanks to which the contained elements are quickly taken up, readily absorbed and effectively used.


NPS 13-20(30) fertilizer is the ideal fertilizer for starter fertilization. It is perfect for pre-sowing, top dressing and intervention fertilization. Introducing it into the soil in the so-called ‘localized fertilization’, i.e. during the sowing of plants, allows the application of granules in close proximity to the seeds. Thanks to this application, fertilization becomes extremely effective.

For maize – mainly for row fertilization of maize, placing the fertilizer in the root zone of the plants will allow easy uptake and minimize nutrient losses from the very beginning of crop development.

For cereals and rapeseed – used as pre-sowing fertilization and spring fertilization with nitrogen and sulfur or as a phosphorus supplement, it will enhance yield, especially if in autumn the soil has not been enriched with this ingredient.

For fertilizing potatoes, sugar beets and vegetables – as a rule, a week before the planned planting date – results in a better crop and higher yield.

For grassland – the product can be used as the first fertilizer in developing the grassland.

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