Potash salt 60%

Potash salt 60%


Potash salt, or potassium chloride with a content of 60% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O), is the most popular potassium fertilizer used in agriculture. It is the main source of potassium, which belongs to the group of the most important nutrients for plants (next to nitrogen and phosphorus). Potassium performs many important functions in the processes of growth, development and yield.

The main tasks of potassium salt application are:

– maximizing the uptake and use of nitrogen available in the soil by the plant,

– improving the drought resistance of plants by enhancing their water management,

– increasing the resistance of plants to diseases and pests,

– accelerating the photosynthesis process,

– improving and increasing the fertility of arable crops and the quality of crops.



The offered fertilizer is intended for use on all types of soils and most crops, with the exception of those particularly sensitive to the presence of chlorine in production (i.e. tobacco, hops, onions, cabbage, peppers, some flowers, trees and fruit bushes).


Potassium salt is a long-acting fertilizer, the highest efficiency of which is achieved by pre-sowing fertilization. After sowing, the fertilizer should be mixed well with the soil. When growing winter plants, the use of the product before the start of spring vegetation provides them with long-term access to 

mineral compounds. On permanent grassland, fertilization is best done in early spring.



White or lightly coloured granules or crystals

Potassium content, calculated
as K2O, %, not less than


Water content, %, no more than


more than 6 mm,%
from 1 to 4 mm,%,

not less than 1 mm, %, not more than


Dynamic durability %, no less than


Fragility, %



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