Granular Urea 46N

Granular urea 46% N


Granular urea 46% N


Urea is the most commonly used and most effective mineral nitrogen fertilizer. The proven composition of the product positively affects the plant at all stages of its growth and development, which makes urea an ideal fertilizer for pre-sowing, head and foliar fertilization.

Product description

Granulated urea 46% N is the most versatile and effective nitrogen fertilizer containing 46% nitrogen in amide form. Used as an aqueous solution, nitrogen in amide form is easily absorbed by the leaves, which is why it is an ideal fertilizer for use as a spray. Another advantage of urea is the fact that, unlike other nitrogen products, it does not cause damage or burns to the leaves. In order for the minerals contained in the product to be best absorbed and used by the root system, it must, in the process of enzymatic hydrolysis, transform into an ammonium form available to the plant, and then into a nitrate form.


The use of urea is aimed at reducing nitrogen losses caused by the escape of ammonia into the atmosphere and the post-winter sterilization of the soil. However, the most important issue is to increase the efficiency of the use of nitrogen contained in urea by crops.

Urea is a very versatile mineral fertilizer used for soil fertilization and non-root feeding of plants in an aqueous solution.


Nitrogen contained in the product is made available to plants evenly, therefore there is no excessive accumulation of harmful nitrates in the plant or in the groundwater, and the losses of nitrogen from the soil are negligible. The ammonium form of the fertilizer, which is formed in the process of hydrolysis, positively affects the growth and development of plants, supports phosphorus uptake, and reduces excessive potassium uptake, which is most important in the case of agricultural, vegetable and fruit crops. It also ensures good rooting, proper development, increases overall immunity and guarantees a high and healthy yield. Granulated urea 46% N is an ideal fertilizer for use in cereals, rapeseed, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, cultivated vegetables, grassland production, and to support the growth and development of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. 


Maize most intensively collects nitrogen in the pre-flowering phase, up to the cob production phase. Therefore, we should use urea fertilizer where the nitrogen is in the amide form, because the contained nitrogen is in a long release form that is readily available to the plant. 


Most often, grains are fed with nitrogen several times during vegetation using for each treatment, a solution of urea in the appropriate concentration: at the beginning of growth – 18-20%, at the end of growth – 16-18%, at the beginning of blade development – 10-12%. 


Foliar fertilization is carried out before flowering. Concentrations are prepared depending on the species, the condition of the plant and the nitrogen deficiencies found. 




Urea can be applied pre-sowing, and also applied additionally during the growing season.

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