Liquid fertilizer phosphorus plus potassium

Liquid fertilizer phosphorus plus potassium

Liquid phosphorus plus potassium fertilizer is an ideal product for growing all types of plants, especially on soils where there is a phosphorus deficiency. The properly composed and balanced composition ensures soil enrichment, support and protection of the plant in all periods of growth and development, and results in a healthy and abundant yield.

Product description

Liquid phosphorus plus potassium fertilizer is an innovative and effective product composed on the basis of laboratory tests in order to create the most favorable conditions for good start, rapid growth and development of plants and to obtain the most abundant yields, and thus satisfactory harvests and greater profits for you. The product is dedicated for use in all types of plant crops – cereals, vegetables, trees and fruit shrubs. The product is delivered in pallet containers (IBCs) with a capacity of 1000l.


The product is a fertilizing solution that contains 12.0% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) and 6.0% potassium oxide (K2O). Phosphorus in the form of phosphate ions and potassium are components very easily and quickly absorbed by plants. Both phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are essential nutrients for the plant. They affect its proper growth and development, increase tillering and stimulate the production of new stems. These ingredients are also crucial in the growth and functioning of a healthy and strong root system. In addition, potassium plays an important role in the proper functioning of the plant’s water management and regulates the uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere, which ensures an effective photosynthesis process. 1000l = 1250kg, which means that 100l of fertilizer contains 15kg of P2O5 and 7.5kg of K2O. The product can be mixed with RMS to form NPK fertilizer.


The fertilizer is intended for cultivation of all types of plants, especially on soils where there is a phosphorus deficiency. Convenient to use, the liquid form of the fertilizer allows it to be used both for soil fertilization in undiluted form and for foliar fertilization after dilution. The liquid form of the fertilizer allows it to be administered in the phases of plant growth in which there is the greatest demand for the ingredients contained in it. It is recommended as an intervention fertilizer, because it allows you to quickly replenish phosphorus and potassium in the soil in very fast-acting forms. It can be used both for pre-sowing – by applying the fertilizer without dilution with a soil sprayer (immediately before sowing or planting), as well as for meeting head-on or interventional requirements – through applying the fertilizer on plants already growing. This method of application allows to completely cover the needs of plants for phosphorus and potassium. The product is also great for meeting general fertilization needs.

The use of phosphorus plus potassium liquid fertilizer in soil as a pre-sowing fertilization results in very good conditions for plants to quickly start growth and create a healthy, strong and extensive root system, while it enriches the soil with the minerals necessary for further stages of proper vegetation. Supporting plants with fertilizer during foliar fertilization or fructification complements their need for minerals, supports fruiting and increases and enhances the yield.

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