Ammonium nitrate 34%

Ammonium nitrate 34%


Ammonium nitrate 34%

 Ammonium nitrate is the most versatile nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture, regardless of the prevailing soil conditions, as well as technologies or types of crops. The product is an ideal solution in the cultivation of winter and spring cereals, root crops and industrial plants, grassland, and in vegetable and fruit growing.

The fertilizer positively affects the growth and development of plants. It improves their yield, as well as enhances abundance, quality and value of the harvest.

Product description

Ammonium nitrate, is the most popular and most commonly used mineral nitrogen fertilizer and has the chemical formula NH4NO3. The fertilizer, otherwise called ‘nitric acid’ and ‘ammonia salt’, is an excellent and sustainable source of nitrogen for plants.

The popularity of the product is due to the presence of nitrogen in two forms 

– a fast-acting nitrate form (NO3-) and an ammonium form (NH4+) retained by the sorption complex of the soil. The ammoniacal form of nitrogen works slowly, it lasts a long time 

in the soil and it is gradually released from it, which provides plants with constant, long-term access. I

n addition to being an important ingredient, it also facilitates the uptake of phosphorus by plants, supports root system development, and reduces excessive uptake of potassium from the soil. 

The nitrate form accelerates the vegetation of plants, supports their regeneration after the winter season, and also enhances growth and development.


The versatility of the product means that the range of its applications is extremely wide, not only in terms of plant types or cultivation styles, but also regardless of the prevailing soil conditions. Nitrogen fertilization perfectly promotes the regeneration of plants after winter weakening. 

From the very beginning of the period of plant growth and development, it supports plant growth processes. It aids in the creation of a healthy and strong root system, and in the increase of the aboveground mass of the plant parts. Other advantages of using ammonium nitrate is that it prolongs the growing season, increases the content of amino acids and proteins in plants, and improves the quality and yield 

and value of crops. Ammonium nitrate at 34.0% N is, therefore, the ideal fertilizer for use in grain agriculture (cereals), the vegetable production industry (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, brassica plants), on grassland (on meadows and lawns),  in fruit-growing (fruit trees and shrubs) and in ornamental gardening (ornamental trees and shrubs).


CEREALS – the use of ammonium nitrate has a positive effect on the size of the crop, because it extends the growing season, and, in the case of cereals, it ensures that the grains are filled.


GRASSLAND – the nitrogen supplied in the form of Ammonium nitrate 34.0% N will bring about excellent grass growth and high chlorophyl content.


FRUIT TREES and SHRUBS – spring fertilizing of trees and fruit shrubs with nitrogen contained in the fertilizer will promote post-winter rebuilding and strengthening, thereby ensuring a healthy and abundant harvest of fruits.


VEGETABLES – the pre-sowing use of 34.0% N ammonium nitrate will enable the production of healthy, strong and abundant aerial plant parts.

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