Liquid fertilizer RMS 22N+11S

Liquid fertilizer RMS 22N+11S

The liquid fertilizer RMS 22N+11S is a highly concentrated, properly balanced solution of nitrogen and sulfur. The laboratory-tested and checked product is perfect as a pre-sowing fertilizer for winter cereals, rapeseed, corn, beets and potatoes. Properly selected doses of the product’s ingredients have a positive effect on the soil, which results in creating the best conditions for the plant to grow and develop healthily, as well as, at a later stage of vegetation, to generate an abundant yield.


Urea-sulphate solution is a proven and effective product composed of ingredients that are necessary for plants in the processes of their growth and best development, namely, nitrogen and sulphur.
Thanks to the proper balance and selection of nutrients, the fertilizer creates excellent conditions for intensive growth, builds a healthy and strong root system and ensures a satisfactory yield.
The liquid form of fertilizer allows plants to quickly absorb and assimilate nitrogen and sulfur.
It is especially suitable as a pre-sowing fertilization for all crops, i.e. corn, rapeseed, cereals, sugar beets and potatoes.


RMS liquid fertilizer is a solution containing two forms of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S).
The total nitrogen contained in the product constitutes not less than 22.00% of the total solution, while the total sulphur (S-SO3) available is 11.00%.
The proportions of nitrogen used in production are divided into:
– 17,00% nitrogen in amide form (NH2),
– 5.00% nitrogen in ammonium form (NH4).
The combination of two forms of nitrogen allowed obtaining a product that combines the advantages of both, and gives the opportunity to use the positive as much as possible. Examples of this are, above all,  a long time of fertilizer persistence in the soil – which provides plants with constant access to nutrients, and effective growth and development at both low and high temperatures. Moreover, the solution does not cause strong acidification of the soil.
The use of sulfur in the composition of the fertilizer has a positive effect on the activity of the photosynthesis process, brings about an increase in the content of proteins, sugars and fats in plants, and also immunizes them against adverse weather conditions.
RMS is a product that plants absorb very well and use effectively.


Urea-sulphate solution is an ideal fertilizer for pre-sowing and head application. The application of the product by spraying or drip will allow the fertilizer to be evenly distributed, avoid nitrogen losses and guarantee plants constant access to the necessary nutrients throughout the growing season.

The convenient form of spraying shows high efficiency and fast and long-lasting operation. The versatility of the product is an additional advantage, because it can be used both in agriculture and horticulture for all plants, i.e. rapeseed, winter and spring cereals, corn, root vegetables.

It should be remembered that in addition to nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and calcium (Ca), a very important and often overlooked nutrient that affects the growth and development of plants is sulfur (S). Its greatest deficiencies occur in the soil in early spring and are caused by winter washing. Sulphur performs three important functions in the life of the plant, namely: a metabolic function (involved in the synthesis of proteins and fats) and a structural function (in itself – a component of fats) and amino acids build up.
The main advantages of using sulfur amended fertilizers are:
– improving the quality of crops by increasing the content of protein, fat, gluten and starch, and reducing the content needs of nitrogen and nitrates;
– enhancing carbohydrate management by generating an increase in plant tolerance to abiotic (i.e. drought, low and high temperatures), and biotic stresses (i.e. infestation by diseases and pests);
– reducing diseases, notably, the appearance of diseases such as: potato scab, tuber porosity, leaf cylindrosporosis or powdery mildew;
– improving and strengthening the taste and aroma of plants – thanks to sulfur, vegetables and other useful plants gain their characteristic sharp flavors and aromas (e.g. onion, garlic, leek, horseradish, radish and cress). This is due to the fact that sulfur is a component of amino acids and essential oils;
– allowing you to effectively eliminate pests, fungi and pathogens – thanks to its versatility, sulfur is a great anti-pathogen and disinfecting element.

Its combination with other elements greatly influences the proper absorption of sulfur by plants. In plants, by combining sulphur with nitrogen, the production of plant protein increases and the quality of yield is enhanced. Binding it to calcium enables regulation of the soil’s reaction, while the same with phosphorus results in the appropriate uptake and activation of sulphates in the plant.

Sulphur has a significant impact on the quality and size of crops. From the early stages of development, it increases the dynamics of growth and improves the resistance of crops to disease and abiotic factors. It is an important element in all stages of plant vegetation. Its deficiencies result in inhibition of growth, vulnerability to diseases and adverse weather conditions and can even cause crop death.

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